Chertsey 128 - 7

by Andrew Murphy

Well it was the first game of the season.  We got off to a slow start and kept losing wickets right the way through the innings, with Regan first to go, getting the kind of delivery that we knew so well from last season.  The pitch though in general behaved itself.  Glenn and Giles both got going and they both looked in good nick, but once they were both out in the mid twenties the innings folded a bit especially when quick runs were needed. Unfortunately quick running is not one of Damos specialities and he was involved in a comical run out, but at least he wasn't injured.  The bowling and the fielding was lacklustre as well and will need to be a bit better next week.  Damo took the honours with four for thirty nine but we never really looked like getting back into the game and Chertsey ended up wining by three wickets.  Even the bar performance was below par, hopefully things will be better next week when the bar chairman finds the aftershock.  Would the person who nicked it please bring it back.  Roll on next week.

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