WHCC 144 AO (G Morley 60)

Dorking 112 (D Honey 4-21)

by Simon Vicos

Five ducks, including the most boring 30 ball knock of all time, two bowlers short and yet we still pull out a win !. Glenn’s solid 60 gave us something to build on but only Dikko and Walshy weighed in with anything else and although some of you thought 144 was ok, I never really feel comfortable with less than 300 on the board.

It was crucial we took early wickets and aided by some good catches, (Step forward Toby and Regan) and some inspired bowling from the White Rhino we got ourselves in a good position to win the game although I was sure they were going to block out for the draw. All credit to them for going for the win but was 30 in three overs ever really on ?. Still, the catching practise was welcome (wasn’t it James) and 13 points have been duly bagged and tagged. It’s only one game but we must get a result at Streatham to keep the points board clicking over.

It was refreshing to spend a day in the company of Couch who proved that even in your early 50’s you can still drink Becks at a rate of one every 20 minutes for 7 hours. He went to sit on the bench with the Original Pavilion Mentallist who pushes the red trolley. I’m sure as couch walked off the bloke went “he’s f***ing mental !”. Thanks to Wearney, we now know the trigger word to set this chap off. Who’s going to the one to use it ?. More importantly, what’s in the Trolley ?

 What sort of winter fitness camp have we been on ? (Wunter Futness Cump ?). I know I’m hardly one to talk but there are some quality belly’s to be seen at the moment amongst our “elite”.

Fines, good solid start to the new campaign, how we didn’t’ fine Toby for wearing an Arsenal shirt to the fines session escapes me or Minge for his “73” badge. Giles, get your hair cut or it’s another fine next week and who’s going to be the first to leave their mobile on ?.

“Good darts” awards go to Morlers for the BBQ and for remembering the ketchup which all went down very well. Katherine Smith for nailing a healthy amount of Bud Ice. Couch obviously for his all day bender and Regan for getting himself reported after his sponsored walk down the track (how much did you raise Neo ?).

I can’t comment on the foam party however I got a text from Damo telling me his left nipple hurt !. Anyone care to enlighten me on this ?  Apologies if I’ve missed anyone, but you obviously didn’t do anything worthwhile did you?.

Til next week


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