Shepperton 103 AO (D Honey 4-24)

WHCC 104-3  (G Morley 46*)

By Simon Vicos

A full strength team for the first time, a partisan crowd, up against a team yet to win a game, Couch hitting the Becks early, me and Wearney on the Aftershock at 4pm all the ingredients were there. What else could we possibly need?.

Well what we didn’t need was a display of comedy fielding so bad it was a nasty reminder of how things used to be. Catches dropped (at least 6, but probably more), shoddy fielding all round, girlie throws aplenty and loads of escort work from various parties. You’ve set higher standards than this chaps over the last year so let’s hope this was a blip. I gather you got a tongue lashing, let’s be honest you deserved it.

Enough of the bad stuff though, with 1 run scored their openers took on the arm of Toby Aldred, his girlie throw took an age to get to Giles who had to take it halfway up the wicket but who still somehow had time to get back and send one very embarrassed batsmen back to throw his bat at his kit in the time honoured tradition. However he wasn’t alone and not long after they chanced a third against the returning Human Dog, he pinged in his throw from the boundary, the batsmen gave up as he saw it coming in, and another Taxi was called !. With Shepperton crawling at less than two an over and with wickets falling regularly, their only hope was a hefty partnership but it never came .At 60-6 we should have got them out for less than the 103 they scored but when you consider the fielding farce we put in you couldn’t really complain. Another 4 wickets for Rhino (I’m getting bored saying this) at 6 a piece did the bulk (apt word !) of the damage and as usual he was backed up with everyone else chipping in.

Regan and Gibbers opened the batting, and reasonably quickly got back inside for a shower leaving the Morley’s at the wicket.  For some reason James has now lost the ability to hit more than 1 ball in 12 off the square and apparently they let him know it!. James eventually departed after giving Glenn solid support and inducing some comical toy throwing from one of their bowlers. Dikko and Glenn then set about tidying things up and having got to 70-3 they decided enough was enough and we were treated to a late boundary fest. Glenn’s final shot to win the match was sublime “I’m not running, but you can go and fetch it” sums it up. He was back in the pavillion before they found the ball !. 46 not out and a suvun wuckut wun !!!.

So, a convincing victory, no car crashes, yet another good turnout to watch the lads and another 13 bagged and tagged. A couple more wins and we should be safe from relegation !

Oh I forgot to mention, We’re top of the League.

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