WHCC 120 AO  (P Richardson 66)

Chessington 77 (G Morley 6-22)

by Simon Vicos

Glorious day, nice ground, cold beer in the cooler and our vast away support settled in for the day. Myself (with football), Lucy (Sun Oil, Stereo and Stella), Kath Smith (Thermos flask full of Gin and tonic) and Couch (Insane). More like a day at the beach ! 

Chessington will be asking themselves, how can we control two-thirds of a game yet still lose?. We will ask ourselves, how can we play so poorly for so long yet win?.

The home skipper gave his side a frank team talk to try and rally his troops before the game. Picking through where they went wrong the previous week. I was a bit surprised to hear the words “assume you are going to win” but then I could almost imagine Mr Walsh during his team talk saying “assume you are going to be batting first as I’ve lost another toss” or “assume you’ll make things very hard for yourselves today”

So not surprisingly, another toss lost and we were asked to bat. Now I could simply have cut and pasted the batting summary from three of our four games played so far, but that wouldn’t do justice to the sheer imagination we showed to surrender our wickets and select so many rash shots (Toby Green, you are this weeks king of rashness, I always thought you had to look at the ball, not which field you were going to put it in) led me to assume that you all fancied Damo’s idea of being on the Bumper Boats next door by 4pm.

An alarming loss of early wickets left us at 22-4 and things were looking dire. However with Dikko at the wicket anything can happen and luckily for us this was one of those days when he really fancied it. Four or five men were posted on the boundary (presumably so they didn’t have too far to run to get the ball) as Mr Richardson clubbed his way in typical fashion to 66 as he steadily ran out of partners.  If someone could have stayed with him Hoggard-style who knows what could have happened. He was last man out and somehow we’d limped our way to 120.

Having done half the job, Chessington quickly got a move on with the bat and looked to be cruising towards a win at 44-1. Glenn came onto bowl and quickly took another, courtesy of a fine catch by Toby Aldred. Then Walshy turned to the clubs leading wicket taker and he soon began to strangle the scoring from one end as he does these days. Meanwhile Glenn was working up a head of steam at the other end and between them they made sure the runs dried up. Another wicket fell at 60 and then we had half an hour of stalemate as both batsmen seemed unable to get bat on ball much to everyone’s frustration. Finally Glenn made the breakthrough and took two wickets in an over and for the first time in the game we were in the driving seat. It seemed that the confidence just drained out of Chessington and sensing 13 points were there for the taking we upped our game another notch. When Glenn trapped the Chessington Skipper leg before it prompted a comedy moment from the school playground as he kicked his stumps down in frustration. Not content with that, a few parting shots from the Morley’s had him striding towards the team, bat at the ready before changing his mind and departing red faced. The tailenders soon followed and ease at which Giles executed what would be a difficult stumping for most wicketkeepers was a most emphatic way to win a match. Glenn returned superb figures of 6-22 and all the other bowlers took wickets to leave Chessington all out for 77.

So there you have it, what looked a likely defeat at one stage was converted into another win, we’ve now taken 49 wickets in five games.  You can’t fault the bowling and fielding or indeed the attitude of the team. Note the word team, wickets get shared around rather than relying on one star player as so many other sides do. And as a team you pulled this one out from nowhere.

Top darts awards for Glenn for some great bowling, Dikko for playing despite being unwell and Curtley for managing to play a match without crashing his car. Next week I’m going to sit there with a pile of boxes as no doubt you’ll all want one at some stage !

Now top of the league on our own, can we keep it going ?, more importantly with 56 points on the board, are we safe from relegation yet ?

Who’s turn is it to get a mugshot in the paper ?, it’s got to be Magoo, with a caption  saying “Student”

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