Camberley 181-9

WHCC 140-9

The Mentalist wasn't at the game this week, but he had this report - "We got a point"

by Damo Honey

In the absence of the Mentalist this week (away on a Health Farm i believe ........ WHITTLE!!!!) i thought that i'd give you a players view of this weeks game. Unfortunately it proved to be the worst game of the season to comment on.

Things started well and interestingly enough on time despite the sideshow of the world cup, Dikko managed to pitch more than one ball in his first over and Curtley bowled arguably his best spell of the season. Unfortunately just 1 wicket was the reward for Curtley, although his useful spell undoubtedly contributed to Rhino picking up a wicket with his 2nd ball. Only 1 wicket fell in the next 20 or so overs and during this time saw witness to a fielding display that can only really be described as abject - the less said about it the better - with the exception of James "only 1 drop in 3 years" Morley dropped dolly catch which will no doubt liven up any evening when discussed. Camberleys final score of 180-8 was kept down only by good bowling by Dikko and Glunn at the death.

By this time Couch was surprisingly sober due mainly to the fact that he spent most of the first innings filming his version of Discovering or should that be "Destroying Hedgerows" whilst searching for balls struck with great power by Camberleys talented South African all-rounder. And despite or perhaps because of the absence of Mr Vicos the crowd was there in numbers and in great spirits thanks to the superb England world cup performance led by the mercurial Emile Heskey.

Our innings got off to a great start as Regan set about reaching the target single handedly and batted superbly for 30 before playing 1 shot too many. Smithers ensured his statutory "boring" fine despite playing the "shot of the day" with an effortless cover drive. Morlers completed his £8 shower and before you knew it we were in real trouble at 40 for 4. Dikko then carried on where he left off at Chessington and along with support from "THE" Toby Green and the skipper put us in with a chance of a winning draw which to be quite honest we didnt deserve.

It wasnt to be and in a throwback to years gone past it was left to Magoo and Rhino to play out the last couple of overs to ensure one point was bagged. All in all it was the right result and appreciated by the masses at Brewery Road. On a serious note i'd like to thank all those who regularly make the effort to watch us play - its much more fun to play in front of a few people - and i cant think of any better place to start the evenings drinking than at a sunny Brewery Road drinking from Munge's bar.

All that was left was to attend another hefty fines session (Magoo i wouldnt miss another one if i was you) ,devour the contents of another bottle of aftershock and carry out the post mortem on a poor all round performance. However we are still unbeaten and in second place and the sign of a good team is how they bounce back from a poor performance, it will also be interesting to see whether the Mentalist bounces back from his visit to the "health farm".

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