Woking & Horsell 66 ao

Beddington 67-2

by the Couch

The view from the boundary was not pleasant on Saturday as W&H were crushed by Beddington, it must be years since we have suffered as heavy a defeat as this and it does not feel good at all (the deputy assistant muntallist writes).  After consecutive victories by 8 and 10 wickets, this was no way to christen our new scorebox or to mark the passing of Ian Meyer's bachelor status.  Walshy tells me he left to get married already feeling that the honeymoon was over.

W&H have batted poorly before, often on our own wicket, and yet still managed to conjure victory.  But you cannot hope to defend a score which was at least 100 runs short of a decent target without working some magic.  Although our bowling and fielding efforts were competitive and competent, Beddington played with confidence and kept their wheels on. They are a good side.  To win the league you have to play and beat some good sides.

It is difficult to explain our abject batting performance.  5 ducks I believe.  Considering we have (on their day) 3 of the best batsmen in the league, it is extra-ordinary to think that the cutting-room floor of the local newspaper cameraman must be knee-deep in rubbish while he desperately looks for an image worth printing.  Beddington bowled well. Not brilliantly, but with accuracy, swing and the assistance of a fair pitch.   Umpires gave out what they thought was out.  Some may consider themselves unlucky.  With the exception perhaps of 4th teamer Munge and the logistically-challenged Aldred few should consider that they applied themselves properly.  Come on, we are so much better than that.  On Saturday we just didn't believe it, or didn't care.

An otherwise superb day.  Excellent tanning sunshine, the company of the delightful Cath and her gins-and-tonic, lashings of Woo Woo, thrashing Dave (the not so talented) Hall at boundary bowls, and both Erica and Mr Vicos out of earshot. Apparently there were some exceptional performances in the bar late-on, kebabs by taxi, and I would not be surprised if Morlers' neighbours were complaining of the sound of hoovering at 4am.

Beddington were more like the class of team we had been expecting in Div 2, rightly deserved their victory, and are now hard on our heels in the league.  Slumping from first to fourth at this crucial stage of the season should be our wake up call.  Now is not the time to retreat on waves of after shock to mid-table mediocrity.  Let it sting our bulldog nose like a dose of smelling salts.  And next week we had better come out snarling, biting and believing in ourselves.

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