Woking and Horsell 199 -6 (Cheetham 100*, P Allan 34)

Chessington 183 -7  (J Dunbar 3-28)

The second league game of the season started off in complete shambles. While preparing the pitch for the game it became apparent that we had turned up the park minus some essential equipment, namely stumps, bails and a scoreboard. Matt Allan was dispatched forthwith on a mission to retrieve said gear. Once everything was in place Paul Fortescue set about losing the toss and as a result W&H were invited to bat on what looked to be a damp wicket.

Mike Walsh opened the batting, which came as some surprise, as only an hour earlier he was meant to be skippering the 4th XI. Partnering him was the ever-reliable Neil Cheetham. This pair was then treated to what can only be described as “inconsistent” bowling as the opening bowlers proceeded to spray the ball around in a most alarming manner. Unfortunately for Walshy the bowler managed to put one ball on the stumps, which he missed, bringing Graham Mattocks to the crease. Graham batted remarkably well, restraining himself from attempting the smear shot in the face of some overwhelming temptation. Cheeters at the other end continued to do a convincing impression of Boycott in his prime, nudging the ball around for the odd single. Graham was eventually dismissed in controversial in a controversial lbw decision (Walshy), but not before posting a personal best score of 26 for W&H. Des Cooke was next in, and shortly after, the next out with only 7 runs to his name. Matt Allan came out next but again failed to make an impression, playing a weak shot to be caught at mid-wicket. That wicket brought a welcome return of Peter Allan, who now has the knees of a twenty-year-old apparently. Peter then showed his teammates that form is temporary, but class is permanent as he and Cheeters amassed 60-odd runs between them. Peter was eventually out with a score of 34 runs. By now Cheeters was in the nineties and he eventually scored the runs he needed to reach his century, bringing the W&H innings to close on 197 for 7.

Gribbler and Fortescue spearheaded the bowling attack in an attempt to get amongst the wickets early. Unfortunately the wicket was deader than my chances of pulling Claudia Schiffer in Bostons. As a result the visitors scored at a steady pace and looked to be cruising, so Mattocks was introduced to the bowling attack in order to try and tie the batsmen down. This ploy would have succeeded had Cooke not been serving up his usual buffet bowling at the other end. By now Gribbler and Mattocks had a wicket apiece but the visitors opening bat looked to be in good form and was dispatching the bowling to all parts of the boundary. Dunbar was thrown the ball and he proceeded to bowl tightly and apply some pressure. Jayson Bird was brought on at the other end and he dismissed the Chessington opening bat. With new batsmen at the crease the Chessington innings slowed dramatically and some frantic arithmetic from the scorer revealed that their target for a winning draw was 14 runs off the final two overs, to be bowled by Mattocks and Gribbler. Both held their nerve and W&H came away with 4 points for the winning draw. Gribbler however came away with rather more though as one of the visiting players had left behind their copy of Penthouse. He was last seen heading for the toilets.

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