Addiscombe 155-8

WHCC 68-6

by Paul Fortescue

The 3rd XI once again took on the mantle of the carnival. Having arrived with both stumps and bails this week, the missing ingredient was the opposition. Citing that Woking was further away than they expected, Addiscombe rocked up at varying times from 1.30 to 2.00, proceeded to win the toss and elected to bat.

In the field Roger White, making his league debut bowled well, with litle success. Wearne, destined to be a flash in the pan this year saw two patched put down - one by the skipper and one by the vice, before Addiscombe's opener finally picked out Dunbar to begin the trek back to the pavillion.

Addiscome have some interesting selection issues of their own. The opener had played for their 1's the previous week and had clealy pressed the wrong button in the selection meetings!

At 80 odd for 7, Addiscome looked in a bit of bother.8 & 9 however were late arriving and should have beenopening for the 2nds! How bizzare. They took the visitors to 140 for 8 and the innings closed at 155.Mattocks bowled well for his 3-19 and there was an unlucky debut spell for Junior Woods.

Woking batted like they were looking for spots in the1st XI. Cheets did well to reach the first ball andspoon it up into the off side. Penners missed about the first straight ball they bowled and Roger Whitecontinued the trend of South African club members demonstrating tremendous patience and quality of shotselection and Matt Allan got one that stopped on him for an easy C&B. Bit of strife at 40-5.

Then it all changed. First slip called Peter Allan something unrepeatable.

20 Overs were up. Peter Allans hackles were up.Mattocks had an irresponsible moo at a wide one andDunbar came to the crease bringing his customary light and carefree attitude with him.

40-5 became 68 for 6 at the end of one of the least remarkable 20 overs ever. Allan and Dunbar offered very little hope to Addiscombe who took the 4 points clearer expectations with regard to the journey home.

Showers were still cold though. Bring on Finchley and everybody bring an Oar.

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