WHCC 3rd XI Vs Spencer – Saturday 13th July.

Ian Meyers wedding cost the first eleven several players and that combined with the holiday season robbed us of the core of the team (Des, Graham and Matt). This did however mean a welcome return to Saturday cricket for Nigel Guy (and his family fan club) and a few of the fours players (Andy Walker and his Noddy car).

Fielding first Paul lined up Andy to bowl, the first four balls were looseners and the fifth one only succeeded in loosening his shoulder from it’s socket. Cue paramedics and a trip to A&E for Andy while Nigel desperately called up a replacement in the shape of another member of his family. Uzman took over bowling from the pavillion end while Fortescue bowled a short spell at the other anticipating lots of changes in the bowling during the hot and humid day. We wondered if we were going to have to play with 10 for the rest of the game but fortunately Nigel had packed Harry in his kit bag by mistake and once he had found the zip he joined us on the field to replace the crippled Walker. Prior to the game the team talk had discussed the bowling and failed to mention Jayson at all which obviously fired him up as he was the pick of the bowling and finished with 12 Overs, 4 Maidens , 5 Wickets for 35. Unfortunately the rest of the bowling wasn’t as tight (J Dunbar aka the Squirrel Butcher being hit up a tree for 6 twice in one over) and in the end Spencer finished on 206 all out. Once again we were penalised for dropped catches and a few mistakes in the field but everyone in the team tried their best but we all felt we had given them 50 runs to many.

The batting doesn’t really deserve much of a mention as only Uzman (26), Oliver Guy (16) and James Woods (12) bothered the scorers with four players all getting ducks for one reason or another and we lost by 100 runs. Special mention though has to be made of the contribution of Tom Reynolds as he had one of the finest debuts and spectacular range of fines I have ever had the pleasure to comment on:

1)      Turning up with no pads, lid or cricket shoes.

2)      Turning up with peroxide blonde hair (and thus taking Jayson’s title as blondest player).

3)      Dropping a regulation catch.

4)      Having kit picked up from Weybridge and delivered by family but not staying in long enough to really need it and getting a duck.

5)      Leaving early before he or his Dad could find a cheque book / Gold Card to pay for his match fee and fines.

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