WHCC 236 AO - S Zafar 89, P Grafton 43

West Byfleet 64 AO - M Walsh 5-14, D Fowles 4-19

by Mike Walsh

Chapter Two

"Go West Young Man"

There's the Manchester derby, the Milan derby and the the Merseyside derby, but the Woking and Horsell v West Byfleet derby eclipses any Darby and Joan in the world.  You could feel the tension of the big match.  The game was all ticket and dignataries met us before the match in the players lounge (changing room 2).  We even met connections of the Mayor (or was that Meyer!)

Anyway the town was buzzing.  The shops traded half day so the local folk could queue up and get settled for the biggest fixture in the sporting calendar.  Sky TV couldn't cover it because they couldn't afford it!  UEFA and the IOC asked if the match could be cancelled until later iin the year so as to not belittle their forthcoming Euro Championship and Olympic Games.  No way!  This game goes back a good year against the ye ole rivals and tradition cannot be broken.  Names are lost and found in this sporting event.  Security was high and so were my players, the aura of anticipation smelt like a jacuzzi of mouldy leaves sprayed in asphalt and cod liver oil.  Des had been called in as tickets were rumoured to be changing hands for curly wurlies or pen lids on the black market.  This match was going to be more rivetting than 2 shipyards.

To the match!  Lost the toss and was inserted.  Batting was made to look hard on an uneven pitch.  If you pitched it up it skidded but if you bowled short it sat up.  The West Byfleet opening bowlers bowled tightly and used the conditions well.  However, once they came off our middle order took control with fine efforts from Pete Grafton (43), Billy Hargan (25) and an exceptional innings from Saleem Zafar batting at No.7 and scoring 89.  Scary thing but Saleem batted with a lot of common sense and concentration.  What's the world coming to!

Why do blackbirds fly past the front of your car whilst you're driving, what's that all about?

They hunt in packs, they destroy together, there's a new fast bowling rivalry to match Larwood and Allen, Trueman and Statham, Lillee and Thomson, Holding and Marshall, Walsh and Ambrose (not R&J), Botham and Willis and now coming to a horror movie near you soon, lock up your daughters and guinea pigs, its Walsh and Fowles!  Destroyers, we're talking HMS Nottingham!

The crowd was in complete hysteria, women were fainting, dogs were meowing, Des was arresting squirrels and the grass had turned to jelly. Steve Ryder was apparently quoted to say, "they will have to extend Sports Review of the Year so the nation can taste this feast of cricket!"

Why do blackbirds, and starlings are just as bad, keep walking along the road when you are driving towards them instead of flying out of the way, whats all that about?

The Golden Orfe Moment - Saleems match winning innings.

Mad Chaffinch Moment - Dave Fowles opening triple wicket maiden over, now what's all that about!?!

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