WHCC Vs Frimley Green – Sunday 30th June 2002.

by David Fowles

This week saw quite a different team line up to the usual Sunday bunch with the inclusion of Saturday stars such as Ben Storey, Mike Walsh and Paul Fortescue (The Good, The Bad and the Ugly ?). The opposition was short of numbers even though we leant them Sean Ireland for the day but at least it meant we could get in some much needed sledging practice.

Frimley Green put us into bat and although we had a healthy run rate we lost regular wickets (Mike Walsh had an entertaining 28 form opening and Uzman scored a quick 20) until Paul Fortescue to took the crease batting at 4. We still lost wickets until Fowles came in at number 9 to partner Paul and saw the only 50 partnership of the innings created. Paul lost his wicket trying to accelerate in the last few overs but he had scored 61 runs with Fowles following shortly after for 24 as we declared on 184 for 9 in 43 Overs.

Rajeev and Mandar opened the bowling much to the delight of the film crew on the boundary (Rajeev’s sister) but it wasn’t long before Rajeev’s shoes gave way and the film crew had to multi-task and become the kit man and retrieve him some trainers. This enforced change meant that Andy Turnbull got to bowl and although a bit ragged he calmed down sufficiently to bowl tighter and claim a wicket before Rajeev was bought back. Mandar kept plugging away with his nagging swing but couldn’t capture a wicket however much he glared at Paddy batting at 3. Rajeev’s plan to bowl in black trainers (so that the film crew could tell it was him bowling as the zoom lens wasn’t particularly large) started to pay dividends as he took regular wickets. Chris Guest came on to bowl at the other end and as predicted following Mandars wicketless tight bowling Guesty got a wicket early on bowling pooh! This triggered excitement from the Saturday players who started the Guest name game although after several overs we were struggling for material. Rajeev’s bowling was occasionally a bit ragged which gave Walshy and Paul an opportunity to give the rest of us a master class in how league and Saturday cricketers field. Walshy chased one to the boundary and tried to run into the changing room escape road but unfortunately the door was closed and Paul proved that the pavilion glass was indeed unbreakable as advertised. As the game wore on and Paul started to stiffen up following his two hour batting effort he managed to be a part of the finest fielding moment of this or any season I have witnessed at WHCC. Rajeev bowled a short on which was cut towards the pavilion, Paul made a token stretch and got within a foot of the ground as the ball rolled under him, Walshy (in disgust) ran full tilt after it and stopped it before the boundary Ronaldo style before chucking it in and whinging. Next ball the same thing happens again except this time as the ball rolls past Paul, Walshy ‘kindly’ offers to field it for him but his lightning pace means he ends up rolling onto the pavilion fence, teetering on the edge before falling on the concrete (all while the batsman runs 4). Unfortunately the film crew had run out of tape or battery power so the plan of having this moment on the website was short lived. Ben Storey polished up the last resistance but Rajeev was the bowling king on the day with figures of: 11 Overs, 4 maidens, 5 Wickets for 33 runs. Frimley and Paddy were 144 all out but the game was played in good humour especially with Walshy on the field, can you play every week mate !!

In conclusion we put in a good effort with the bat and ball and the fielding was good except for one or two exceptions and we all got to see Walshy throw himself at Rajeev’s sister during a game (that would have cost him a pound in a Saturday game) although Ben Storey later accused Rajeev of incest as he thought she was his ‘bird’.

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