By hiring the clubhouse of Woking and Horsell Cricket Club (‘The Club’) the Hirer agrees to the following conditions. The Club retains the right to alter, update or waive any of the terms and conditions set out below at its sole and absolute discretion. Any changes will be notified to the hirer no less than 28 days prior to any agreed Hire.


  1. The hire fee charged will be that in force at the time of receipt of payment, regardless of when the booking was made.
  2. The Hirer shall be expressly liable for any damage the clubhouse or grounds wilfully or negligently incurred by the Hirer, their contractors or their guests in the course of setting up, running, or closing up an event. If the cost of any such damage exceeds the amount of the refundable damage deposit the Hirer agrees to be responsible for reimbursement of the balance to The Club.
  3. The charge for the normal cleaning of the clubhouse is included within the hire charge, however if the Hirer, their contractors or their guests causes the clubhouse or grounds to become excessively littered, dirty or soiled in any way the Hirer shall be expressly liable for any additional or unusual cleaning costs incurred by The Club. The Club reserves the right to deduct from the damage deposit a charge at the rate of £20 per hour if such cleaning is required. In the event that the cost of damage exceeds the amount of the refundable damage deposit the Hirer agrees to be responsible for reimbursement of the balance to The Club.

Conduct of the event

  1. Unless explicitly agreed otherwise with The Club all hire events will be limited to a maximum of four hours, excluding set up and clear up periods.
  2. The Club retains absolute discretion to accept or refuse bookings. The Club retains the right to cancel any Hire at any point prior to or during an event. This right shall only be exercised in extreme cases and justification shall be provided.
  3. The Hirer must be present within the clubhouse at all times during the period of hire. Failure to do so will render the hire void and the hire may be terminated with immediate effect.
  4. The Club reserves the right to terminate any function with immediate effect should it be felt that any action by the Hirer, their contractors, or their guests may be detrimental to the members, property or licence of The Club.
  5. The number of guests a Hirer may invite is strictly limited to that agreed with The Club at the time of booking. To comply with safety requirements no more than 120 people shall be invited to any function operating primarily inside the clubhouse. At the discretion of The Club this limit may be raised for events primarily conducted on the outfield i.e. outdoor events.
  6. No charge of any kind is to be made by the Hirer to any guests on the door. The responsibility for entry is to be controlled by the Hirer, though The Club retains the right to refuse entry to individuals at The Club’s discretion.
  7. No outside alcohol is to be brought into the clubhouse (including The Club grounds) for sale or other consumption without the explicit prior agreement of The Club.  Any such alcohol, even if not served by The Club’s bar staff, may be subject to a corkage charge as set and agreed with The Club prior to the hire.
  8. Whilst drinking alcohol outside the clubhouse (but within The Club’s grounds) is permitted, the Hirer is responsible for ensuring that all guests remain on the pitch side of the clubhouse. No consumption of alcohol is permitted by the road side of the clubhouse.
  9. The Hirer is responsible for ensuring that all emergency exit doors remain unimpeded at all times. Any failure to do so will result in the immediate closure of the function. Tampering or improper use of fire extinguishers will result in the automatic loss of the Hirer’s damage deposit and immediate closure of the function.
  10. The Hirer shall not use the premises for any purpose other than that described in the booking form. The Hirer shall not sub-hire or allow the premises to be used for any unlawful purpose or in any unlawful way or bring onto the premises anything which may endanger the same or render invalid any insurance policies in this respect. Events must not be advertised as open to the general public.
  11. The Hirer must not use pins or adhesive tape on the walls or paintwork. Blu-tac may be used on the gloss paint only. Any damage caused to walls or paintwork will result in the Hirer forfeiting their damage deposit.  
  12. If the Hirer requests that a bar tab is set up, the Hirer agrees to pay for all drinks and other items ordered by themselves or their guests and as recorded by bar staff during the event, including any agreed corkage charges. All charges will be made according to the price list as displayed in the bar at the time of sale and a record of charges incurred may be provided by the bar staff upon request. If a limited bar tab is requested then this amount must be pre-paid prior to the opening of the bar for the event. If the Hirer wishes to set an unlimited bar tab for the event then the Hirer expressly agrees to pay the requested amount of the bar tab within five working days of the event. If required, The Club retains the right to retain any or all of the Hirer’s damage deposit in full or part payment of any bar tab.

Closing up

  1. The Club’s alcohol licence dictates that the serving of alcohol must cease at 11:00pm (10:30pm on Sundays). It is the responsibility of the Hirer to make all reasonable efforts to have the clubhouse cleared of attendees within 30 minutes of 11:00pm. The Hirer must remind their guests to respect our neighbours and to leave The Club’s grounds in a quiet and orderly manner.
  2. The playing of all forms of music and singing must cease at 11.00pm. The clubhouse is in a residential area and every effort must be made to avoid unnecessarily disturbing our neighbours. All doors and windows on the road side of the clubhouse must be kept closed whilst music is being played. The use of a dry ice machine is prohibited.
  3. It is the responsibility of the Hirer to ensure that the clubhouse is cleared of rubbish and other waste at the end of the event. Waste must be contained in bin bags and must be placed in the dumpster bins to the rear of the clubhouse or, in the event that the dumpster bins are full, taken away by the Hirer. Rubbish is not to be left beside or on top of the dumpster bins under any circumstance. No liquids or hazardous substances are to be placed into any bins.
  4. All belongings of the Hirer and their guests e.g. clothes, food, cooking utensils, decorations, gifts etc. must be taken away at the close of the function. The Club does not accept liability for damage to, or loss of, personal articles anywhere on the premises at any time.
  5. Tables and chairs, having been wiped over, must be returned to the place they were located prior to the function.
  6. Any electrical equipment brought into the clubhouse by the Hirer, or on behalf of the Hirer (e.g. music players, disco equipment, etc.), must be PAT certified.
  7. If the kitchen and/or its contents are used all surfaces, sinks, and appliances must be left in a clean condition at the end of the hire and all contents put away correctly.
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