It's either one thing or the other. One week the batting fires and the bowling is poor, the next week the bowling's great and we get bowled out cheaply. If only we could put the two together, as we did against Mitcham, and the season would be looking a whole lot better. This week was the turn of the bowling to not get going. Maybe we were ten or fifteen light with the bat, but to only take three wickets, two of which were run outs, was disappointing.

So, off to Streatham we went. A game which has seen plenty of action down the years. Giles' six that wasn't given, Damo diving in a hedge trying to take a catch, scoring 80 all out and that being enough to win, thinking the game would be called off and drinking several beers before the rain cleared up, Roscoe getting the bus the wrong way, turning up half an hour late and getting a first baller, the list is endless.

This particular game won't live as long in the memory as some of those games, mainly because we try and forget most of our games two days later these days, but it had it's moments.

Put into bat we immediately had a problem. Who an earth was going to open? We had six number five or sixes in our line up but we opted for the newly responsible post-graduate Worgs and Padmore, a surprising choice given the West Indies lack of success in the first over the night before, and he was warned that if he played on there would be trouble. All went well, however, Cy (43) playing some nice cover drives and Worgs mixing watchful defence with a beautiful straight drive over the sightscreen for six. The two of them took us on to 49 before Worgs was well caught at slip and the mixture of watchful defence, crunching shots and wickets continued on for the next fifteen overs.  We found ourselves in danger at the thirty over mark at 120-5, but an excellent knock from the returning Sharaz Hussein (39), completely dominating a 47 run partnership with M, and even launching the ball on top of the pavilion at one stage, gave us a good chance of getting a decent total. When Shaarz went to a decent low catch, M  (39*) took over with some help from sweeping Tony as we made it up to 206 before being bowled out.

A decent total to defend, particularly with the number of bowlers that we had, we set off for tea happy enough with our efforts and several were even happier to find scones with cream and strawberries available!

It was at this stage that things started to go wrong.  I doubt that’s the first time I’ve written that this season. With Qais bowling with pace and real effort you felt that we had a chance to take a wicket but as the overs ticked by we failed to capitalise. Jerry performed a sharp direct hit to finally take a wicket but a crucial dropped chance before drinks made a real difference as the batsmen punished us by making 94.  Jack bowled with control but we never really looked like creating too many chances.  With a handful of overs left Sharaz ran out their opening bat who was sauntering home and was run out by a direct hit from long on at the keepers end and was given out “run out tired” by the home scorer. The oppo’s captain came in and struck some lusty blows to win the game. Another day when it just didn’t happen.

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