W&H 192-9

Mike Walsh 37

Saf Nawaz 35

Woodmansterne 163-9

Mandar Khedekar  4-42

Imran Tehel   3-32

Winning Draw

Man of the match Mandar Khedekar ?


This week you the public have the opportunity to vote for your man of the match.  The players this week have voted for Mandar, but this will only contribute to 50% of the votes, you have the remaining say.


So get on those phones and text your player nomination, see below player code (and their match desciption) and text ‘WH  MOM and player code, eg if you think Amir should be man of the match text ‘WH MOM 9’ to 07801 240516.


Also, the player that receives the least votes may be playing for the fours the following week (this is subject to player and club availability!).  Therefore, this is important you take this seriously and vote sensibly.  Lines are open until 9pm Friday 4 July.  Any votes received after that time will not be counted and you will be still be charged by your phone provider.  All profits will go to the telecomm industry.


Player Code    Player                         MOM Contribution


1                      Mike Walsh      Captain extraordinaire, led from the front, shining

                                                example to the team, top scored, well respected.

                                                Spent most of week on phone to get team together.

                        Has strong influence on selection (please consider before making your vote!) Batted on through extreme injury, the mans a hero, he’s a legend; he’s a W&Han!


2                      Sam Way         The teams party kid.  Although he did disappear early to

                                                tuck into some sausages on sticks and jelly & ice cream

                                                he did put on a 79 opening partnership with the skipper  (another vote for player code 1 then?)


3                      Jamie                Arguably the best Aussie in the team. Commits playing

                        McMahon        2 weeks before getting married. Took the best catch of

                                                match. Brought out a glass of water to his skipper

                                                through his heroic innings.


 4                      Saf Nawaz       Has Samad as a brother (no sympathy votes please). Hit  two cracking big sixes, 2nd top scored.

                                                Originally robbed of 2 runs as leg byes by Samad (no sympathy votes please). However,

                                                apparently at fault for Samad’s dismissal!


5                      Steve                Arguably the best South African in the team. Had the

                        Wernberg         best supporters club for any W&H player in recent



6                      Sam Nawaz      Knocked back more pizza pieces than any other player. Great effort in picking up kit bag and scoreboard (albeit

                                                arriving extremely late after meet time with Saf!)

                                                Everyone’s’ favourite Nawaz brother called Samad.


7                      Mandar            Front runner to the MOM receiving players vote,

                        Khedekar         however please do not be swayed by this (see player

                                                code 1 if you are undecided and looking for a good

classy alternative). Almost got W&H over the finishing line with 2 wickets in last over.

More importantly made the tea (the drink not the food!)


8                      Ben Revell        The best keeper in the team, just ask Charlie. Took a

                                                stunning catch from Imran’s bowling, just ask Charlie.

                                                Instrumental in bringing out the mid innings drinks,

albeit water, just ask Charlie. (hold on first text vote just coming in for player code 8 from Charlie)


9                      Amir Hamid      Best  2007 4 team player of the year in the squad. In a

                                                moving ceremony in the pavilion’s kitchen he was

presented with his overdue and not engraved trophy, albeit half of the players were not there as they turned up late.


10                    Charlie             The best groundsman in the team. Holds club record for

                        Johnson            the number of Becks consumed in ones lifetime, added

                                                to tally after match. Was on Becks wicket commission,

only earnt one but could have had a nice little 6 pack (cor!) with a bit more luck!  Had his own flask of tea (assume tea?). Nice flask, worth a vote for that alone?


11                    Imran Tehel      All padded up and nowhere to go, declaration before we

could see his best. Therefore, with exception of player code 10 didn’t get out to a stupid shot.  Young enough to be any of the other 4 bowlers’ nightmare tearaway son.  Came back for a 2nd spell whilst still in his 1st spell!


 It will be interesting to find out who you will vote for? So vote now for your favourite and don’t for the person you want to send to Piers!

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