4th XI

Team information

Captain: Steve Wernberg

Vice Captain: Mike Walsh

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Sunbury 140-7
Abdul Zafar 3-25

W&H 144-2
Adam Portlock 50* Jamie McMahon 37*

W&H won by 8wkts

Believe it or not we are nearly way half through the season, where’s it gone? Therefore it’s about time we meet the squad to find out who they are and what secrets they hold!

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But I still see
Jamie & Sagar giving it some more
And when Indy scored
Jack & Jon’s new ball beaming
And Billy Screaming (for *@>! Sake Angus!)

One lion on the W&H shirt
Ice cold beer gleaming
Steve’s games of hurt
Never stopped me dreaming

I know that was then
But it could be again
W&H 4s played at home
Cricket is coming home
                Trad arr!!   

Dulwich    147ao        Indikta Fernando 6-48
W&H        115-9        Jamie McMahon 35        W&H losing draw

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Is this the real life?
Is this just fantasy?
Caught in a landslide
No escape from reality
            F Mercury

W&H        203-8        Andrew Murphy 41, Steve Wernberg 40
Spencer    108-7        Jack Matthews 3-25        W&H Winning draw

To date there have been no further investigations or charges brought forward in relation to spot fixing mentioned in last week’s report. However, unknown player J drove to the T20 match last Tuesday. He doesn’t normally drive to matches and again it’s believed that he now has a car is a complete and utter coincidence. He has been quoted to say He’s in Love with his car. He has also privately denied these allegations although his name wasn’t mentioned player J came out and denied them, odd, how did he know it was him the report was referring to? He also admitted that he had tickets for the Bicycle Race as well. Um!

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                                                CHAPTER TWO


                                    Some balls are held for charity
                                    And some for fancy dress
                                    But when they're held for pleasure
                                    They're the balls that I like best
                                    My balls are always bouncing
                                    To the left and to the right
                                    It's my belief that my big balls
                                    Should be held every night
                                                                                                A.Young, M. Young, B.Scott

Wimbledon     202-9               Jack Matthews 4-42, Gagan Kumar 3-33

W&H              205-8               Andrew Murphy 73no,Nadun Alwis 39 won by 2 wkts

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            Water, water, everywhere,
            And all the boards did shrink;
            Water, water, every where,
            Nor any drop to drink.
Samuel Taylor Coleridge or Steve Harris (depending on the version you like)

W&H        164-6        Steve Wernberg 56, Jamie McMahon 32
Normandy    156ao        Indika Fernando  3-35

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