Some of you may already be aware that the club has been running a 200 CLUB for many years now, in fact for over 30 years. Clubs of all kinds run these as well as schools.

We would like to expand this to as many people as possible as it brings in valuable income to contribute towards the club’s many costs including utilities, rates, clubhouse repairs and maintenance, ground maintenance, groundsman etc…..

Subscribers buy numbers for a year which are entered into monthly draws for cash prize winnings. 50% of the money raised goes to the club and the other 50% is paid out in monthly draws as winnings.

Historically, the cost of this has been £20 per number for a year. In order to increase the amount of people participating and to celebrate the 2019 cricket World Cup being held in England, we have reduced the cost per number substantially for the coming year which are as follows:

1 number - £12  

5 numbers - £50

11 numbers - £100 

To Commence From June 2019. For Ages 16 and Over to Enter.

For further details please contact: Keith Goodwin 07572 548063

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Or see me in the bar.
All contributions are hugely appreciated and if we can get this to being a 250 CLUB this would be a magnificent achievement.

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