This is a polite notification to state that it is not possible to park on Horsell Moor, the grass park area opposite the Brewery Road clubhouse.

We appreciate at this current time with the construction work at the old Ashley Cook site that parking has been limited. The club respectfully requests that alternative solutions are sought.

For weekend parking it is fine to move the fenced metal railing around the corner from the clubhouse on Horsell Moor. There is also parking available on Horsell Moor just before Jewsons’ and the gym.

The compound area outside the site office of the building contractor (old white knight shop/house on the corner) is also free for us to use at the weekends. There are two gated parts to the fence that are on wheels and open inwards into the compound which can be easily accessed.

However, we must ensure the compound area and fencing are both put back in place by Sunday night. If this doesn’t happen then we may lose all our additional rights to parking.

During the week and evenings we only have available the general road parking areas opposite the club and down Horsell Moor.

Your assistance and patience is greatly appreciated whilst the building works are being completed.