The club has made a decent start to the season following an excellent work day which succeeded in getting the ground looking in as good a shape as it has done at this stage for many a year. We have won half the games we have played and the seconds and thirds are sitting towards the top of their league. 

We have, however, really struggled to get teams onto the field and the skippers are having to work too hard to field their XIs. We are asking for players to commit to as many games as they can, particularly to cover the next few weeks as we have several players unavailable due to school and university commitments.  If you can't play on a Saturday please consider playing on a Sunday instead (even if you don't usually play on Sundays) or vice versa. If you only play a couple of games a season then please do consider stepping on to the field in the very near future!!!
The captains are likely be asking for availability for the next few weeks to get a good idea of whether these issues are short-term or not. Please be prepared to let your skipper know whether you are around the next few weekends. If you are not playing then please contact them separately. The captains work very hard to get games on for us so let's help them out. That includes replying to text messages/emails quickly to make life easier for them. 
Finally, thank you to all of those who have played regularly this season. We just need more of you.  We all know how a series of victories on either a Saturday or Sunday creates a great atmosphere at the Club.  However, this will only consistently be achieved with a greater level of commitment from our playing members.  The better our availability, the more likely it is that we are playing winning cricket at the right end of the tables. 
Thanks in advance for your co-operation and let's build some momentum.
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