I hope that you are all staying well and coping with the challenges of Covid-19. Here is the latest update on the how we are managing the impact on our club and how you can help.

While we would normally be looking forward to starting the league season next weekend, both seniors and colts, like all other sports clubs across the country, we have had to close and unfortunately there is no certainty over when we will be able to open again. We are hoping to play some cricket during the summer and are keeping Brewery Road "cricket ready" for when the opportunity arises.  

https://ssl.gstatic.com/ui/v1/icons/mail/images/cleardot.gifWe are pleased to say that subsequent to previous communications, a lot of further work has been carried out by the Committee to help reduce the financial impact on the club and reduce it's monthly overheads where we can. While we have had some welcome success in accessing grants from Woking Borough Council, further grants are very unlikely in the near future and we need to keep our emergency funds in place to protect us, cover our monthly outgoings, and maintain key machinery to keep the ground in good shape. On top of this, all non-essential purchases / project costs have been put on hold for the time-being.  

The one thing we do know is that the strongest clubs in terms of finances and membership will be best placed to ride out these extraordinary times and come out the other end ready to progress and we want WHCC to be one of those. The Committee is doing all it can to understand and mitigate the issues resulting on our club from Covid-19. Our club members have a role to play now and in the future, so please support the initiatives, fund raising and the great work being done.

While we understand a number of our members are likely to have been impacted financially by this crisis, we would still like to encourage payment of subs, albeit on a reduced basis.

An email will be sent to all senior members in this regard shortly. 

Thank you once again to you all for your support and when we have further updates we will notify you.

Keith Goodwin

Chairman - May 2020


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