Matt Wilson stood down from his role as 4thXI captain at Thursday's AGM and he will be replaced next season by Dan Clark. Keith thanked Matt for all his hard work over the last few years. Matt has done more than anyone to help bring more new players into the club at a very challenging time. 

Haresh Rao will take on the role of Secretary.

We wish both Dan and Haresh all the very best in their new roles.


Here is a full list of next year's commitee and capatains...

President - Billy Hargan

Chairman - Keith Goodwin

Secretary - Haresh Rao

Treasurer - Seb Egan

Membership Secretary - Tom Harlow

Welfare Officer - TBC


Auditor - Nick Day

Bar - Neil McPherson

Building & House - Jack Allen

Cricket Chairman - Phil West

Sponsorship - Keith Goodwin

Ground Chair - Ed Smith

Communications - Andrew Murphy

Football Club Liaison - Keith Goodwin

Social Chair - Henri Peters

Junior Chair - Paul Manly

Fixture Secretary - John Price

Other Committee Members- Tracy Rafter, and Nick Tune


Cricket Captains

1st X1- Henri Peters

Vice Phil West

2nd X1 Johnny Ayling

Vice Vaibhav Bhade


3rd X1 Ali Khan

Vice Matt Allan


4th X1 Dan Clark

Vice Mike Walsh


Sunday TBC

Vice Johnny Ayling


League Rep Tom Harlow

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