All at W&HCC are desperately sad at the passing of Val Day who had served the club for so many years and who died on Sunday 24 March 2019. Our President Peter Murphy details Val's lengthy career at Brewery Road. 

Val’s playing career for Horsell CC, Horsell and Woking CC and Woking & Horsell CC spanned at least 45 years up to his final season in 1997.  He was among a group of young sportsmen at Woking Grammar School who left in the early 1950s and started to play for Horsell CC.  Val was always known as a hard hitter but in the early part of his career he was a late order batsman, his main role being as an opening bowler for the club 2nd XI, the very strong 1st XI of the era being hard to break into.  At some point in the mid-1960s Val’s bowling action lost its rhythm and he began to struggle for control of length and direction.  He was not bowling well enough to justify regular selection in that role, but he had no intention whatever of giving up a game he hugely enjoyed.  It was an easy decision for him to decide to focus instead on his batting and in a short space of time he had converted himself into a regular and reliable 2nd XI middle order batsman.  His concession to becoming a batsman rather than a bowling all-rounder was to play with more caution at the start of his innings but the power and aggression was not lost in the transition and if Val succeeded in playing himself in he took much pleasure in striking the ball improbably long distances to the dismay of many opposition attacks.

Val was always a one-day-a-weekend player (in an era when more people played both Saturdays and Sundays than is the case now) and his preference was for Sunday cricket.  However when the club started to play league cricket in 1974 he was keen to have a go at that and was soon installed for a period of successful captaincy of the Saturday 2nd XI, his return from away fixtures to announce “AND STILL UNDEFEATED…..” being a highlight of many a Saturday evening in the club bar.  Later Val returned his availability to Sundays, often a mainstay of the Sunday 2nd XI batting and still a significant run-scorer up to the end of his career.

Val’s career as a player, lengthy and productive as it was, provides only part of the story of his overall contribution to the club.  Having produced three sons, all with a love of the game and a desire to play for the club, Val began a long period as a coach and mentor to young players learning the game.  His coaching sessions on the far side of the field from the pavilion have assumed almost legendary status, as several of the messages which have appeared in recent days on social media bear testimony to.  This is where so many of the players who emerged from the WHCC colts in the 1980s and 1990s first learned their cricket, and indeed probably learned a few other things not necessarily contained in the MCC coaching manual.

Val was an old-fashioned club man who saw his role as a club member being not merely to play or even just to coach but to support the club in every way he could.  He was not a man to miss a work day or any other summons to carry out tasks that needed doing, although as someone who joined his Monday-night working parties during a pavilion-revamping project in the late 60s I would assess his talents in lying more on the demolition side of the rebuilding process. 

Although Val’s playing days do not seem so long in the past for some of us, it is inevitable that the great majority of current club members knew Val only as a loyal watcher and supporter of the club, and a pithy commentator on whatever was unfolding in front of him on the field of play.  His comments were always framed with the sense of humour and shrewd assessment of character that had won Val so many friends and raised so much laughter down the years, and few indeed were those who bore any ill-will even if his observations about their performance were not entirely complimentary.  Far more people indeed benefited from the opportunity to take on board some of the cricketing wisdom acquired by Val over a long career and always willingly passed on.

For those of us privileged to listen to Val’s contributions to the weekly Sunday drinkers’ debate, many of them unorthodox and some not bearing repetition, those Sunday sessions will never be the same again.  And by the same token, we can be sure the club will not see the likes of Val again.  



There have been plenty of tributes on social media:


Peter Smith - I'm not ashamed to admit I'm in bits. Without doubt the single biggest influence on my entire cricketing career. The man who never ever stopped believing in me. I owe him everything. RIP Val. The man was and is a total legend. Every thought with his family right now.

Toby Green - Val was the man who first coached me (which will be true for a lot of others). I also got to play with him as I moved through the club. He was an absolute legend. To my young eyes, he hit the ball miles and caught everything that went near him. An awesome bloke.

Rupert Kitzinger - Sad sad news and my thoughts are with everyone and especially the Day family. RIP Val and thank you for all your support and advice growing up which helped shape my cricketing career.

Malcolm Eddington - My thoughts and best wishes are with the Day family today. I will dearly miss Val's words of spring encouragement as to how "well" I have wintered.

Seb Egan - Val was a true legend, fought in my corner on more than one occasion. The first person who wanted to know how I was doing week in week out, the first to moan about live Twitter updates. RIP you may be gone but never forgotten.

Dean Faulkner - So sad to hear this. Value you will be sorely missed. Thoughts and prayers with Nick, Jerry, Pete and the family. RIP Val

Chris Murphy - Very sad news. A great club man and character. Condolences to all the family.

Shelly Lane - Sending my sincere condolences x

Andrew Murphy - Having been around long enough to not only to be coached by Val but to play in the same team as him, this is desperately sad news. My thoughts are with the Day family. He will be sorely missed at Brewery Road. Rest in peace, Val.

Nicola McMahon - Sorry to hear the news. RIP

Ian Meyer - Sorry to hear the sad news. Thoughts with the family.

Brian Curr - Very sad news, lovely man, thoughts to his family and friends.

Mike Walsh - The club has lost another stalwart, legend and great friend. Ever since I have been (and obviously well before) at Woking Horsell Val has always seemed to be in and around the clubhouse! Either post Saturday match day or Sunday lunchtime sitting in the club corner with his favoured glass or behind the bar helping out. He always asked how ‘Walshy’ got on (on most occasions poorly) I was proceeded to be told that I should have not flaffed around and bloody well of hit it then!!! I am gutted for Nick, Jerry, Pete and family. The club will certainly be an empty and sadder place without him around. Keep playing those big shots up there Val.

Doug Newton - Sincere condolences to Jerry, Pete and the Day family. Val was an absolute gent to be around and always good for a discussion about the days play with a beer in hand. Will be sadly missed at Brewery Road.

Ramesh Parthysarathy - Sorry to hear the news, heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family....RIP.

Steve Jones - Oh no. He will always be our legend. All our love. Jonesy, Beci and Freddie. Xxx

Richard Thompson - Such sad news. A wonderful man who told you the truth and how it was. Great Company. Our sincere condolences to the Day family. Thinking of you all.

Tracy Rafter - A wonderful man, who will be greatly missed by everyone who knew him. Sunday lunchtimes will be sad without him.

Lyn Johnson - Very sad news , will miss him big time . Sunday lunch times , especially in the winter months will never be the same. Condolences to all his family

Indi Fernando - So sorry to hear.. our sincere condolences to the Day family. RIP

Jamie McMahon - What a huge loss to both the Day and W&H families. Always a constant gentleman (except when discussing the footballers!) and did so much for the club in his time. I'm personally so grateful for all his help with the bar and the clubhouse. He is most certainly sorely missed by us all. RIP.

Robin Millar - Sad news. I remember Val fondly as one of the club's "elder statesmen" who we're there every Sunday lunchtime when I opened the bar to have a pint and set the world to rights. Good innings Sir...

Iain Pringle - Really sorry to hear this. Val was a great guy and a truly great bat. RIP

George Grafton - How sad. The Sunday lunch crowd will greatly miss him. I first met him when he ran the very young Colts session and we spent many a Sunday morning trying to maintain order. .. My condolences to the family. A great member in every aspect of the club.

Vir Singh - RIP

Jerry Allan - Very sad to hear this. From the Sunday morning colts sessions in the 80's, the coach of the colts in the 90's and through to the latter years, it was always a pleasure to see Val at the clubhouse. A true Legend of the club. Thoughts to the whole Day family.

Richard Walsh - Sad news to hear....Was a pleasure to of played under you when i was growing up and making my way through the grades, gave me a lot of great advice whilst i was 1st team captain...will be sorely missed and im sure the Sunday lunchtime session will toast in your honor..condolences to the Day clan.. will raise a glass for you tonight...RIP.

Jeevan Rai - Sad to hear the news, Heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family....RIP

Oli Guy - Sad news. Thoughts are with the family. RIP Val.

Paul Fortescue - Sad to hear this. Made me feel welcome at the club (via a thorough grilling!) and very much part of the furniture- especially on a Sunday. Condolences to you all, Day family.

Roger White - Deepest condolences and thinking of Jerry and Pete through this difficult period. Loved bouncing into Val come cricket day - I will miss that.

Keith Goodwin - Such sad news. It was a pleasure to have played cricket with him all those years ago and I always enjoyed watching him clear the pavilion. One of my all time favourite batsmen to watch. A real gent who was always great company to have a good chat with over a beer. The clubhouse will feel emptier without Val. A true club legend and what a nice bloke.

Matt Lock - Very sad news. Thoughts with the Day Family. Will miss chewing the fat with Val about all things Gloucester Rugby on Saturdays. RIP Val.

Damo Honey - So so sad, but some wonderful comments and memories on here of a true W&H legend. I will never forget the lovely welcome I had when I joined the club from Val, not just to me but to my parents too, a real gent. Only played a couple of games with him but will always remember his bucket hands! Thoughts with all the Day family. RIP

Peter Grafton - From coaching me in the under 7s, playing my first Sunday 3xi game and finally graduating to Sunday drinking club, Val was there at each step of the way. Deepest Condolences to the Day family.

Mary Faulkner - So sad love to the Days from the Faulkner's






Please help prepare the ground for the 2019 season!

As usual, we will be holding a Work Day at the club in Brewery Road on Saturday 13th April from 10.00 and are looking for as many volunteers as possible to make themselves available.

There are a number of jobs that need to be done to get the ground, practice facilities and clubhouse ready before the season gets underway so please commit a couple of hours to do your bit for the club.

We also need your help to ensure our outdoor facilities are ready for our outdoor senior net sessions which we plan to start on Tuesday 16 April, however, we can’t hold nets if we haven’t set them up correctly and they need a fair bit of work to get them ready.  We will start at 10.00 but if you can't make it for that time please do come along a little later. Thank you.


With a little over six weeks to go until the start of the season we have booked two additional net sessions at the Leisure Centre on Sunday 31 March and Sunday 7 April to add to the sessions that were already in the diary for this Sunday (17th) and Sunday 24th March.

Please note that the time for the Sunday 31st March session is slightly different as it runs from 4.30-6.30.

New players - If you are a senior player and would like to play for us in 2019 then please contact Tom Harlow at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details or turn up at any of net sessions below. All abilities are welcome so feel free to come along as we run five senior teams across the weekend.


Woking Leisure Centre



Sunday 17th March 2019


Sunday 24th March 2019


Sunday 31st March 2019


Sunday 7th April 2019



Some of you may already be aware that the club has been running a 200 CLUB for many years now, in fact for over 30 years. Clubs of all kinds run these as well as schools.

We would like to expand this to as many people as possible as it brings in valuable income to contribute towards the club’s many costs including utilities, rates, clubhouse repairs and maintenance, ground maintenance, groundsman etc…..

Subscribers buy numbers for a year which are entered into monthly draws for cash prize winnings. 50% of the money raised goes to the club and the other 50% is paid out in monthly draws as winnings.

Historically, the cost of this has been £20 per number for a year. In order to increase the amount of people participating and to celebrate the 2019 cricket World Cup being held in England, we have reduced the cost per number substantially for the coming year which are as follows:

1 number - £12  

5 numbers - £50

11 numbers - £100 

To Commence From June 2019. For Ages 16 and Over to Enter.

For further details please contact: Keith Goodwin 07572 548063

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Or see me in the bar.
All contributions are hugely appreciated and if we can get this to being a 250 CLUB this would be a magnificent achievement.

It may seem a little way off yet but with the weather improving and March just a few days away it will soon be time for the cricket season to begin again.
Pre-season will follow a familiar format but for the benefit of our newer members, it will begin with a work day on Saturday 13 April to set the club up for the season and the following week, Easter Saturday, will be a club Training Day which will once again be held at our ground in Brewery Road in Horsell. 
Our first Saturday pre-season games begin on Saturday 27 April when the 1st and 2nd XIs will both take on Chertsey and a combined 3rd and 4th team will play against Weybridge. 
The following week we will see our regular pre-season fixture against Ashford with the ones and twos taking on our near neighbours. That day will also see a third and fourth eleven internal match which will take place at Westfield. 
The Sunday season starts on Sunday 28 April against Winning Innings at Brewery Road.
Pre league season fixtures
Saturday 27 April 2019
1stXI - Chertsey (A)
2ndXI - Chertsey (H)
3rd/4thXI - Weybridge (H)
Sunday 28 April 2019
1stXI - Winning Innings (H)
Saturday 4 May 2019
1stXI - Ashford (H)
2ndXI - Ashford (A)
3rdXI v 4thXI (H)
Sunday 5 May 2019
1stXI - Brookwood (H)


The club is looking for a Treasurer to join the committee as soon as possible. 
It would be advantageous to have a finance background, however, it is not essential as training will be provided. The role takes just a few hours per week through the year with an additional couple of hours per week at the end of each month. It should be noted that this is a voluntary position.
If you are interested in the position or you have any questions about what the role entails then please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
We would also like to say a huge thank you to Janice Woods who steps down as our Treasurer having been in the role for a number of years.

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